Wallpaper (from Reddit)

Description: Do you get bored easily from your wallpapers? Here is something for you! This app provides you with a new beautiful HD wallpaper every single day!


  • Easy to use
  • Configure time interval: Do you want to get a new picture twice a day? No problem!
  • Add effects to your wallpaper (Blur, Saturation, Brightness)
  • Customize your sources / subreddits
  • Favour images to see them again in the future!
  • Mark images as 'never show again' if you don't like them
  • Use different settings for wallpaper and lockscreen

All wallpapers are taken from reddit.com. Check out their website to explore new sources / subreddits to get more wonderful wallpapers!

Youtube Video: Here is a short video of a youtuber featuring the app.

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v2.1.48: 15. Feb. 2022
  • Library Updates
  • Warning Fixes
  • Bugfixes from Android Vitals
v2.0.4: 06. Dec. 2020
  • revived "disable automatic management in battery settings"
v2.0.3: 23. Oct. 2020
  • Updated Libraries
v2.0.2: 29. Aug. 2020
  • CheckScheduleReceiver
  • Updated Libraries
v2.0.1: 27. Aug. 2020
  • Using WorkManager instead of JobScheduler
  • Bugfixes
v2.0.0: 23. Aug. 2020
Split into different Flavors depending on the source of their wallpapers: Also:
  • Design Rework
  • Improvements
  • Updated Libraries
  • Bugfixes
v1.8.1: 26. Feb. 2020
  • Notifications
  • Allowing to run in background more reliable
  • Showing "&" instead of "&" in title
  • More ... > Share image > preview does not get updated
  • Libraries upgraded
v1.8.0: 01. Oct. 2019
  • Ability to choose different settings for wallpaper and lockscreen
  • Ability to force center wallpaper and lockscreen
  • Update config only shows previews Design change: - uniformed design
  • removed legacy code
v1.7.4: 08. Jul. 2019
Design changes:
  • Changed "Share image" to "More ..."
  • Switches are on when right
  • Job does not get rescheduled on failure
v1.7.3: 05. May 2019
Design changes:
  • Centered scheduling status lamp's position
  • Transparent StatusBar and NavigationBar
  • "Open original post in browser" is more visible now
  • Next scheduling time gets displayed correctly after scheduling fails.
v1.7.2: 01. Apr. 2019
  • Execute multiple AsyncTask in parallel
  • Effect get applied instantly through preview images
  • Don't apply new configuration effects while retrieving new image
Changes in 1.7.2b: 01. Apr. 2019
  • ProgressBar during Config-Update
v1.7.1: 30. Mar. 2019
  • enable/disable setting wallpaper automatically
  • open in browser
Design Changes:
  • uniformed default padding
  • changed some text in the "Settings"-section
  • Image gets ugly when applying saturation or brightness
  • Make Blur 0f as default
  • synchronized when loading/storing images
  • User gets not informed that wallpaper is being updated when moving sliders first
Changes in 1.7.1b: 30. Mar. 2019
  • "Change to current image manually" is too long
  • Job gets rescheduled although wallpaper does not get changed
v1.7.0: 28. Mar. 2019
  • mark images to never see them again
  • retrieve last image if you clicked too fast
  • replaced 'export to gallery' with 'share image'
  • effects get applied automatically + instant preview
  • huge performance increase while applying effects
Design Changes:
  • made secondary buttons look neater
  • Fullscreen
  • Preview image is not as sharp as the original image
v1.6.2: 01. Feb. 2019
  • no need to confirm scheduling options anymore!
  • next change does not get updated when retrieving a new image manually
Changes in 1.6.2b/c: 05. Feb. 2019
  • Changing images manually does not reschedule the job
  • Next change time does not get updated properly
v1.6.1: 30. Jan. 2019
  • Get images with higher resolution
Design Changes:
  • Made Schedule-Animation slightly longer
  • Made background darker to make the text more readable
  • Next update time is displayed ambiguous
v1.6.0: 28. Jan. 2019
  • Added Help page for scheduling
Design Changes:
  • Made Schedule-Animation slightly longer
  • Made background darker to make the text more readable
  • Android 9 disables background services
  • Schedule animation isn't smooth
Changes in 1.6.0b/c: 28. Jan. 2019
  • Next update time is displayed ambiguous
v1.5.4: 22. Jan. 2019
  • Target Sdk Version: 28 (Android 9)
  • Unsafe use of nullable variables
  • Widget preview shows app launcher icon instead of image of the widget
  • ShouldSchedule-Button animates when activities starts
  • Only update backgroundImage if necessary
v1.5.3: 15. Jan. 2019
Design changes:
  • Schedule-Animation more smooth using rotation
  • Made "Save to gallery"-Button icon more understandable
  • Hint does not get shown again when canceling dialog
v1.5.2: 13. Jan. 2019
  • "Retrieve Image"-Hint if used the first time
Design changes:
  • "Save image" - Button to make it more obvious
  • Filtering when retrieving favourite images improved
  • Rate this app: Next_alert gets set to current+5 instead of next_alert=5 and current=0
v1.5.1: 05. Jan. 2019
  • Enable/Disable favourite images
Design changes:
  • Uniformed bold text design, e.g. /r/<subreddit>
  • Configuration Seekbars don't scale with display width
  • Favourite Star pops up when retrieving new image
  • Picture gets retrieved twice in a row
v1.5.0: 02. Jan. 2019
  • Favourite images if you want to see them again in the future!
  • "Rate this app" - Dialog
Design changes:
  • Changed some checkboxes to switches to match android design guidelines
  • Schedule button animation
  • "Running" Indicator does not use the apps primary colour green
  • Schedule? changed default to false
v1.4.4: 31. Dec. 2018
  • added indicator if wallpaper will change automatically
  • made the subreddit deletion prettier
v1.4.3: 30. Dec. 2018
  • Wallpapers in portrait format will be chosen, too.
  • Schedule options get disabled when schedule is deactivated
  • Keyboard gets closed when not used anymore
v1.4.2: 29. Dec. 2018 (Google Play Store Release)
  • minor improvements with Glide
v1.4.1: 29. Dec. 2018
  • ImageView performance improvements via Glide library
v1.4.0: 06. Dec. 2018
Internal change:
  • uniformed package names
v1.3.2: 05. Dec. 2018
  • Splashscreen
Internal change:
  • Renaming / consistency
v1.3.1: 04. Dec. 2018
  • Circle Progressbars
v1.3.0: 02. Dec. 2018
  • Ability to modify subreddits to choose from
prior to v1.3.0: not available