Wallpaper (from Albums)

Description: Do you get bored easily from your wallpapers? Here is something for you! This app provides you with a new beautiful HD wallpaper every single day!


  • Easy to use
  • Configure time interval: Do you want to get a new picture twice a day? No problem!
  • Add effects to your wallpaper (Blur, Saturation, Brightness)
  • Customize your sources / albums
  • Favour images to see them again in the future!
  • Mark images as 'never show again' if you don't like them
  • Use different settings for wallpaper and lockscreen

All wallpapers are taken from local albums. Create a new folder with images on your phone, select it in the app and you will always have wonderful wallpapers!

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v2.1.48: 15. Feb. 2022
  • Library Updates
  • Warning Fixes
  • Bugfixes from Android Vitals
v2.0.4: 06. Dec. 2020
  • revived "disable automatic management in battery settings"
v2.0.3: 23. Oct. 2020
  • Updated Libraries
v2.0.2: 29. Aug. 2020
  • CheckScheduleReceiver
  • Updated Libraries
v2.0.1: 27. Aug. 2020
  • Using WorkManager instead of JobScheduler
  • Bugfixes
v2.0.0: 23. Aug. 2020
Split into different Flavors depending on the source of their wallpapers: Also:
  • Design Rework
  • Improvements
  • Updated Libraries
  • Bugfixes
prior to v2.0.0: see Wallpaper (from Reddit)